Holographic Aluminiumfilm

From now on the holographic aluminum film can be produced by impressing directly or using a transfer method. With the transfer method we use solely water soluble dispersion vanishes which are100% solvent-free to enable the certification for the direct contact to food. MARI plus Film can deliver a minimum size of 9µ.

A special optical highlight is the combination of matte aluminum and partially transferred holographic particles which shine like a rainbow. This attractive effect offers a new way of design which can set a new benchmark in the market.

Preferred applications are confectionery, beverages and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our holographic aluminum films can be produced with a customer-design and -logo.

Explanation of holographic coated aluminum

Technical Details

Properties Options
Printable Yes Chemically treated for printing No
Laminable Yes Corona treated for printing No
Sealable one-sided No Roll width up to 900 mm
Sealable both sides No Thickness 9µ, 12µ, 20µ
Stamp/ groove/ cut Yes Color No
Hot Stamping Yes Own Pattern Yes
Certified direct Self-adhesive No
contact with food Antistatic 100µ No